How Karachi collects and manages its garbage

karachi garbage

Karachi roughly produces 13,000 tonnes of waste every day. But how is this garbage collected and where is it deposited?

We recently came across a picture showing nine or more Sindh Solid Waste Management Board queued up behind the Imtiaz Super Store near Qayyumabad, and it piqued our interest in Karachi’s garbage disposal system.  

garbage disposal
Sindh Solid Waste Management Board vehicles queued up at a garbage transfer system in Qayyumabad.

Almas Saleem, the spokesperson of the waste management board, said that the area in the picture is a garbage transfer station. There are four such stations in Karachi: Qayyumabad in District East, Sharafi Goth in District Malir, Dhobi Gath in South District, and Gutter Baghicha in District West.

Vehicles collect trash from across the city and bring it to the station. There the trash is weighed and then sent to the city’s two landfill sites: Jam Chakro and Gondpas.

The stations in Qayyumabad and Sharafi Goth have now been computerised. Cameras and weighbridges have been installed there to keep a record of the collected trash.

karachi disposal
Trucks bringing trash to the garbage transfer station in Karachi’s Qayyumabad. Photo: SSWMB

The weighing process takes four to five minutes, Saleem said. After this, a computerised slip is handed over to the driver of the vehicle.

In the morning, a queue of vehicles is sometimes seen because the vehicles from across different districts arrive at the same time.

She shared that the system at the Jam Chakro landfill site is computerised too. The offloading of garbage is monitored every day.

karachi garbage disposal
Trucks bringing trash to the garbage transfer station in Karachi’s Qayyumabad. Photo: SSWMB

The Gondpas landfill site has yet to be computerised, even though a truck scale was installed there a month ago.

Saleem shared that they plan on making the system in Karachi’s Korangi and Central districts computerised as well. The tender process is underway, she added.  

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