Imran Khan: Pakistan won’t sabotage its relations with China

Pakistan won’t spoil its relations with China under any Western pressure, Prime Minister Imran Khan asserted.

“America pressurising Pakistan to cut ties with China is very unfair,” he said in an interview with the Chinese news channel China Global Television Network.

“China has stood by Pakistan in difficult times and we have a huge respect and love for the country.”

The premier pointed out that China always “stood with us” whenever Pakistan was in trouble politically, internationally, or was facing conflict from neighbouring countries.

“Our relations with China are strengthening with every passing day and we won’t do anything to sabotage this,” he said, adding that the countries always stand together on international forums.

The PM asked: “Why do we have to take sides? We should have good relations with everyone.”

You see the United States is wary of China. It has formed a regional alliance called the Quad, which includes US and India, and a couple of other countries, which has complicated things in the region, he said.

Talking about the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, PM Khan remarked that it was the “biggest thing happening in Pakistan”.

“Whatever happens in any international forum, Pakistan and China stand together.”

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