Karachi student jumps from rickshaw on MA Jinnah Road

A student jumped from a moving rickshaw on Karachi’s MA Jinnah Road on June 13. The driver didn’t even bother checking on her, while passersby stopped to help her.

No one knew who the student was, why she jumped from the moving vehicle and why didn’t the driver stop to help her.

The next day, a student narrated the details in a social media post. She said that she lives in Khadda Market and had taken a rickshaw for her morning class at her university. She got into the vehicle and dialled her friend’s mobile number and started talking to her.

When they reached MA Jinnah Road that is when the rickshaw driver pulled a gun on her. He threatened to shoot her if she started screaming. He then gave her black sunglasses which had black tape inside and asked her to wear them. She asked him where is he taking her to which he said that he is taking her to his house. When the vehicle was crossing Naz Plaza, she jumped out of the rickshaw.

Two women came to help her and took her home in an injured condition, she added. She claimed that the movement and posture of the driver suggested that he has done this before as well.

City District SSP Sarfaraz Nawaz told SAMAA Digital that the police swung into action after the student’s post and contacted her. They identified the suspect using the CCTV cameras installed in Kharadar and MA Jinnah Road.

He confirmed that Waseem has been arrested and they have impounded the rickshaw. Waseem had stolen it from Lyari’s Kalakot, the police said, adding that six cases have been registered against him at different police stations.

Waseem claimed that he has tried to kidnap three students in the past but he was unsuccessful each time.

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source https://www.samaa.tv/news/2021/06/karachi-student-jumps-from-rickshaw-on-ma-jinnah-road/

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