Khanewal four-year-old murdered by uncle: police

The four-year-old child found dead in Khanewal last week was murdered by her paternal uncle, the police said on Monday.

“The suspect and child’s mother had gotten into a fight after which he decided to take revenge from her,” the investigating officer said.

The suspect confessed that he abducted the four-year-old when she went out to play and then strangled her to death with a pillow. He then put the body into a sack and threw it in a field. “He later pretended to search for the child with the family to avoid any suspicion,” the officer added.

Earlier, it was suspected that the child was raped. The police have, however, said that the medical reports have negated it.

Last week, Punjab IG took notice of the crime and suspended Kahna SHO and Khanewal DSP for refusing to investigate the case.

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