KMC anti-encroachment operation: 100 Aladin Park shops, KDA club demolished

The Karachi Metropolitan Corporation has demolished 100 shops at Aladin Park and razed the KDA Officers’ Club on Kashmir Road during its anti-encroachment drive.

Anti-encroachment teams are carrying out operations at four spots: Aladin Park, KDA Officers’ Club, Gujjar nullah, and Orangi nullah.

In the last eight days, 100 shops located at the shopping mall built on Aladin Park’s land have been demolished. There are a total of 500 shops there. Ten tuck shops, the main gate, and security check-post of the Pavilion End Club have been razed too.

KMC Senior Director Bashir Siddiqui said that it will take them a month to complete the demolition at Aladin Park, located on Rashid Minhas Road.

Last week, the Supreme Court ordered the KMC authorities to demolish the commercial constructions at Aladin Park, as they have been constructed on amenity land. There is a shopping mall, and the Pavilion End Club there.

KDA Officers’ Club

KMC Senior Director Bashir Siddiqui said teams have demolished the KDA Officers’ Club on Kashmir Road on the directives of the Supreme Court.

It took them a week to complete the demolition work.

The KMC senior director said that they are keeping a record of their everyday anti-encroachment activities and a report will be submitted in the Supreme Court.

Gujjar nullah operation

KMC Katchi Abadis Senior Director Mazhar Khan shared documents with SAMAA Digital on the number of encroachments removed from the Gujjar nullah.

According to the documents, 2,630 houses have been demolished so far. An NED survey showed that 3,100 houses will have to be demolished along the nullah to widen it.

KMC teams are removing encroachments from Café Payala Hotel to Landi Kotal Bridge on both sides of the nullah, on the right side from Landi Kotal Bridge to Ziauddin Hospital. They are also demolishing structures from Lyari Expressway near Haji Mureed Goth—the endpoint of Gujjar nullah–to ‘Chona Depot’ in Liaquatabad.

The Gujjar nullah is the longest nullah in Karachi. It is 12.8 kilometers long.

Orangi nullah

KMC senior director Mazhar Khan said three teams are working to raze illegal structures along the Orangi nullah.

They are removing structures near the Pakistan Bazaar police station, from Khyber Puliya to Banaras, and from Chaman Cinema to Banaras.

So far, 1,467 concrete houses have been demolished. According to an NED report, a total of 2,100 houses need to be demolished at Orangi nullah to widen it.

Khan said the KMC is working on the survey report prepared by the NED University. The city government starts anti-encroachment operations along the Gujjar and Orangi nullahs in the mid of February.

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