KMC to present Rs25.9b budget this week

KMC budget 2021

The Karachi Metropolitan Corporation is going to present its Budget 2021-2022 this week. The outlay is Rs25.9billion.

It is a surplus budget with an amount of Rs11.94million.

Here are some salient features of the budget.

  • The current receivable is to be Rs20,088 million with a capital amount of Rs893.21million.
  • Funds worth Rs5001million have been allocated for district ADP.
  • Establishment expenditures are estimated to be Rs16,202 million.
  • Rs2,113 million have been allocated for contingency.
  • Rs201.74million allocated for repair and maintenance.

It is the first KMC budget after the four-year tenure of the local government came to end in 2020.

The following shows the amount allocated for Karachi in the last four years.

  • FY2020-21: Rs24.8billion
  • FY2019-20: Rs26.4billion
  • FY2018-19: Rs27.1billion
  • FY2017-18: Rs27.1billion

KMC budget 2021

Development projects

The KMC has allocated Rs2451million for development projects in the city. Here are 16 major development projects and the funds allocated for them.

  1. Rs800 million: improvement of the road from Machli Chowk to KANUPP Road.
  2. Rs300million: rehabilitation and development of Allama Shabbir Ahmed Usmani Road.
  3. Rs120 million: cleaning and desalting of stormwater drains.
  4. Rs100milion: improvement of expansion joints of all bridges.
  5. Rs100 million: provision and installation of drainage lines at Zulfiqarabad Oil Tanker Terminal.
  6. Rs81million: renovation and improvement of Hippodrome, a stadium for horse racing.
  7. Rs80million: development and improvement of the fish aquarium.
  8. Rs80million: development and improvement of roads, footpaths, and bridges.
  9. Rs70million: fixing parking plaza at Shahabuddin Market adjacent to Empress Market.
  10. Rs68million: purchase of ventilators for KMC’s hospitals.
  11. Rs60million: installation and maintenance of street lights at Mai Kolachi Road.
  12. Rs50million: road site plantation estimated.
  13. Rs50million: purchase of animals/birds for Safari Park and Karachi zoo.
  14. Rs49million: purchase of medical, electrical and other equipment for KMC’s hospitals.
  15. Rs40milllion: development and improvement of the zoo and Safari Park.
  16. Rs15million: construction of a badminton court at Aga Khan Park.

From where will the KMC will get its revenue in FY2021-22?

  • Octroi Zila Tax share: Rs15,075 million
  • District ADP: Rs5,001 million
  • Dues against K-Electric: Rs1,850 million
  • Revenue to be collected from land, state, ZOT, enforcement, Katchi Abadies, PD Orangi, and charged parking: Rs1,708 million
  • Municipal utility charges and taxation: Rs1,312 million
  • Culture, sports and recreation: Rs184million
  • Transport and communication: Rs261million
  • Veterinary services: Rs222 million
  • Municipal services: Rs201 million
  • Dues against KPT: Rs100 million
  • Transfer of income from SBCA: Rs100 million
  • Engineering: Rs95 million
  • Medical and health services: Rs81 million
  • Parks and horticulture: Rs35 million
  • Enterprises and investment promotion: Rs15 million
  • Administrator secretariat: Rs1.1 million
  • Information technology: Rs0.1 million

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