US bases will help monitor extremism in Pakistan: American politician

US airbases in Pakistan will help monitor extremism and protect the country from terrorist groups such as ISIS and Taliban, US-Pakistani democrat Anila Ali said.

“Prime Minister Imran Khan’s outrageous comments on international media is making things for expatriates in America difficult,” she said in an interview on SAMAA TV programme Awaz on Tuesday.

“Sometimes PM Khan’s talks remind me of former US president Donald Trump.”

In an interview with Jonathan Swan of HBO Axios earlier this week, the prime minister said that Pakistan will “absolutely not” provide any bases to the United States for military action in Afghanistan.

Pakistan reportedly provided bases to the US in the past, but Islamabad has lately been vocal about denying Washington any bases in the country.

Ali pointed out that it is popular to say that Pakistan doesn’t need America and can withdraw from its support but everyone knows this is not the reality because the US supports Pakistan both financially and morally.

“The Biden administration’s stance is that many innocent people have lost their lives in war,” she said, adding that the government is adamant to withdraw troops from Afghanistan.

The Taliban have warned that if American troops don’t leave the country, they won’t end the war, the politician said. “Afghanistan needs to learn to live on its own.”

Ali stressed establishing American bases in Pakistan. “They will protect both the people of Afghanistan and Pakistan.”

Even Turkey’s Erdogan is strengthening relations with America because they are getting money and this know this will improve their strategic position. “No one wants to ruin relations with the US because everyone knows the Biden administration is pro-peace.”

The politician added that America will help Pakistan counter attacks on Hazaras, the people of Balochistan, and minorities. “President Biden has a very special place for Pakistan in his heart.”

“It is in Pakistan’s interest to work with America,” she said. “This way both the countries can work for peace, human rights, education, and health in the country.”

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