Who waved Afghanistan’s flag during Usman Kakar’s funeral?

Usman Khan Kakar, a former senator of the Pashtunkhwa Milli Awami Party, was laid to rest in Muslim Bagh on Wednesday. His funeral prayers were attended by people from across the country.

According to the Pashtunkhwa Milli Awami Party, thousands of people attended the funeral. Mahmood Khan Achakzai, the party’s founder, and other leaders even addressed its attendees. Many politicians have expressed their condolences on his demise.

The people on social media have, however, raised questions after a picture from the funeral showed some attendees waving the Afghanistan flag. It should be kept in mind that the Afghan flag is often waved during the gatherings of PkMap and Pashtun Tahafuz Movement, and this leads to criticism of the two political parties on social media.

Former MNA Abdul Qahar Khan Wadan, a member of PkMap, spoke to SAMAA Digital about the flag controversy. He said thousands of people attend their gatherings and it becomes difficult for the party to control such a huge crowd.

Millions of Afghan citizens live in Pakistan and they wave the Afghan flag at our rallies and gatherings. They are our Afghan brothers, he added.

Wadan remarked that Pakistanis across the world wave the country’s flag on different occasions. Similarly, in Pakistan, we cannot stop others from expressing similar emotions attached to their homeland.

He clarified that the party had instructed its members to not wave their party flag during Kakar’s funeral. We can advise people but we can’t stop them.

We have always spoken about Pakistan’s Constitution and law but this doesn’t stop our enemies from spreading propaganda against us. “Our main demand is that the country should be run according to its Constitution.”

Murder or natural death?

Kakar passed away in Karachi on June 21. The 59-year-old was taken to a Karachi hospital from Quetta after he suffered a brain haemorrhage last week.

Achakzai had, while addressing the funeral, remarked that Kakar was murdered. He negated that Kakar died of natural causes.

Speaking about this, the party said that they won’t register a murder case but just wanted to keep their stance in front of the institutions. If any institution wants to investigate it further, then it will help them out.

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