Karachi faces water shortage due to Dhabeji power outages

Karachi is facing an acute water shortage due to unannounced power breakdowns by K-Electric at the Dhabeji Pumping Station.

Dhabeji is the main source of water supply to Karachi, where 21 giant pumps are installed which supply water to Karachi. The water from Dhabeji is supplied to the Pipri Pumping Station, North-East Karachi (NEK), and COD pumping stations from where it is sent to other parts of the city.

KWSB Chief Engineer (E&M)-W Intekhab Ahmed Rajput said four major power breakdowns have occurred at the Dhabeji Pumping Station from July 10 (Saturday) to July 12 (Sunday).

Due to sudden power outages and high pressure, three main raising lines that supply water t Karachi have burst. They are all 72-inch in diameter.

Pumping from 21 water pumps has been halted and this has resulted in a 177mgd water shortage every day.

The first power breakdown was reported at 2:35am on July 10, the second at 2:45am on July 11 and the third and fourth power breakdowns were reported at 5:50am and 9:55am, respectively, on July 12.

KWSB Executive Engineer Gharo Iqbal Palijo, who is looking after the repair work of broken water lines, told SAMAA Digital that it will take at least three days to complete the repair work.

Palijo said the KWSB teams are working on repairing a 72-inch diameter line which was supplying water to Bin Qasim Town, Landhi Town, Malir Town, Korangi Town, and adjacent areas. “The teams are facing difficulty in repairing work due to rain and location of the affected water line,” he added.   

He said the KWSB has completed the repair work of two other main waterlines Sunday night, but those lines burst again due to the breakdown on Monday.

Dhabeji pumping station’s supply stands at zero right now and no water is being pumped, Palijo remarked.

The K-Electric has remained mum on the entire situation. Their comment remained unavailable despite repeated attempts to contact them. The story will be updated once they give their version.

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source https://www.samaa.tv/news/2021/07/karachi-faces-water-shortage-due-to-dhabeji-power-outages/

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