Khyber clerics ban music, photography in Tirah valley

Local clerics in Khyber district’s Tirah valley have issued a new set of rules for tourists that include a ban on taking pictures and videos in the area.

According to the rules issued by the clerics belonging to Afridi tribe, there will be a ban on any kind of musical programme in the valley and no one will be allowed to carry a tape-recorder (music system).

“If any harm comes [to people] in case of any violation, you will be responsible for it,” the letter, a copy which is available to SAMAA Digital, has warned the tourists.

The letter has been circulating on social media and people have termed it an attempt to harass the tourists.

SAMAA Digital tried to contact the clerics but they declined to either confirm or deny the letter.

Journalists in area said that the letter was not fake, but the clerics do not own it because they want to avoid legal action.

Waseem Riaz, the district police officer, told SAMAA Digital that he had called the clerics to the police station but they all distanced themselves from it.

He said the clerics endorsed that only the administration could issue such orders and they all are bound to follow the state’s laws.


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