KPT to remove fuel from stranded ship at Sea View

The Karachi Port Trust has decided to remove fuel from the Heng Tong 77, the cargo ship stranded at Karachi’s Sea View for nearly a week now.

The operation will begin on Wednesday, July 28.

Tong 77 departed from India’s Chennai port for Istanbul. On July 18, it stopped in Karachi for staff changes. The high tides pushed it towards the coast, a few kilometres away from Sea View.

It is carrying 118 tonnes of bunker fuel. The KPT has instructed ship authorities to remove the fuel within 48 hours. During the operation, a KPT team, fire tenders, and ambulances will be present at the site.

According to officials, the vessel can’t salvage before August 15.

Experts of KPT and the Pakistan Navy have warned of the shipping breaking down resulting in environmental hazards such as oil spills in the ocean.

On Monday, the rescue team dug sand in the ocean to create a route that would help them reach the vessel. Foreign tug boats arrived at the beach too.

A 200 meters floatation boom has been deployed along the starboard side and the ship is being monitored 24/7 by the KPT Marine Pollution Control and Port Security personnel.


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