Sindh stops police from making ‘unnecessary arrests’, reduces cotton fee

Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah, presiding over a five-hour long cabinet meeting, took important decisions which include amendment in police rules, handing over of four KMC hospitals to the health department and reduced cotton fee.

The cabinet meeting was held at CM House on Saturday. It was attended by provincial ministers, advisors, chief secretary, chairperson P&D, and concerned officers.

KMC Hospitals

The provincial cabinet, on the request of the KMC, approved a proposal to take over four healthcare facilities of KMC: Gizri Maternity Hospital, Sobhraj Maternity Hospital, Gazdarabad General Hospital, District South and Landhi Medical Complex District Korangi.

The KMC spends around Rs800 million on these health facilities but due to financial issues it could not operate them properly. The KMC even could not pay salaries to the employees in time, therefore with the consent of KMC the cabinet approved to hand over these health facilities to the health department to operate them at their full capacity.

Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah said that the provincial government would not take Rs800 million from KMC for running its hospitals but the government would give additional Rs603.1 million to the health department to operate the KMC hospitals.

Amendment in police rules

The provincial cabinet on the recommendation of Sindh IG has approved an amendment in Rule 26 of Police Rules 1934 envisioning to stop police officers from making arrest of a person merely on account of registration of FIR. Now, after amendment, it allows police officers to collect credible evidence against suspects that crime and seek approval from the senior police officer beforehand. This amendment would stop police from making unnecessary arrests.

Reduction in cotton fee

The agriculture department told the cabinet that the cotton fee has been increased from Rs10 to Rs20 per 100 kg right from 2019. It was pointed out that the Punjab government was charging a cotton fee of Rs10 per 100 kg. The cabinet after detailed discussion reduced the cotton fee from Rs20 to Rs10 per 100 kg.

It may be noted that the Excise and Taxation department collects cotton fees.

Reflective number plates   

The Excise & Taxation department gave a detailed briefing about the security featured petro-reflective number plates for all kinds of vehicles to be manufactured by National Radio & Telecommunication Corporation.

The cabinet, after thorough discussion and deliberation approved a proposal of the Excise department to negotiate with NRTC for procurement of security featured retro-reflective number plates for all types of vehicles, including two-wheelers, three-wheelers and four-wheelers.

The chief minister directed the Excise department to expedite the matter so that security number plates could be issued to the vehicles in the province.  

Sindh Sales Tax exemption

The cabinet was told that the NDMA has requested the provincial government to exempt the Storm Water Drain project from Sindh Sales Tax.

The SRB had worked out that the exemption, if approved, would be around Rs1.2 billion. The cabinet opposed the exemption request on the pretext that it would set a new trend. Therefore, the chief minister proposed that the project was being executed in the city, therefore the Sindh government should pay the SST amount on behalf of the NDMA. The cabinet approved the proposal.


The cabinet after thorough discussions approved the allotment of 10-acres of land to Masjid-e-Rizwan Trust to make a graveyard at a rate of Rs100,000 per acre at Deh Moach, Mauripur, District Keamari. The chief minister directed the local government department to work out a plan to establish an authority to allot land to graveyards and regulate them.

Chinese Consulate

The cabinet at the request of the Chinese Consulate approved a proposal to hand over them a vacant plot of The Institute of Pakistan Tourism & Hotel Management, located adjacent to the Consulate. In exchange for the plot the Chinese Consulate has offered to give them a 2,000 square yard plot to the culture department. The cabinet approved the proposal.

Violence in hospitals

The provincial cabinet in order to provide protection to and prohibit violence against healthcare service providers and to prevent damage or loss to property in healthcare service facilities passed a bill `Sindh Healthcare Service Providers and Facilities (Prevention of Violence and Damage of Property) Bill 2021.

Onward no person/ heirs of a patient would be allowed to torture, harass or mishandle a medical officer or relevant hospital staff under the pretext of providing wrong treatment or negligence in respect of their patient.


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