Covid: Punjab reports two cases of Eta variant

Punjab has reported two cases of the Eta variant of the coronavirus.

The University of Health Sciences revealed that 300 samples tested positive on Saturday at its laboratory, and this included two cases of the Eta variant.

Professor Javed Akram said that Punjab reported 57% cases of the Alpha variant, 14% of the Delta variant, and 11% of the Beta variant. Two percent cases of the Eta variant have been reported too.

According to World Health Organization, Eta was first documented in December 2020. WHO does not have the name of any one country where the variant was first documented.

On March 17, Eta was designated as a variant of interest. Reports suggest that this variant is different from all other variants as it has both E484K and F888L mutations.

The province reported 1,099 new cases in the last 24 hours. Pakistan is currently combatting the fourth wave of the coronavirus.


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