Nazia Hassan was poisoned by husband Ishtiaq Baig, alleges Zohaib

On August 13, it will be exactly 21 years since Nazia Hassan, often dubbed Queen of Pop, passed away after a prolonged battle with cancer. She was 35 at the time of her death in the United Kingdom.

Now her brother and music partner, Zohaib Hassan, has come forward with serious allegations against her husband Ishtiaq Baig. The allegations include arsenic poisoning and illegally detaining Nazia.

Baig denies the allegations.

In an exclusive interview with SAMAA TV, Zohaib said that Baig was poisoning Nazia and this caused her cancer.

Nazia told Scotland Yard about the poisoning her statement

Nazia had one of her ovaries removed after she developed ovarian cancer, said Zohaib.

She was in remission when she went back to her husband, he said. Soon she developed throat cancer, and her doctor was puzzled, Zohaib added.

Zohaib said his sister was so tired of all the mistreatment at Baig’s hands that she went for divorce before her death.

Marrying her off to Baig was our biggest mistake, he said.

Ishtiaq Baig to take Zohaib Hassan to court

Nazia Hassan’s husband Ishtiaq Baig has announced he will take Zohaib Hassan to court and sue him for Rs1 billion for defamation.

He appeared on SAMAA TV’s show 7 se 8 on Thursday evening.

Baig said Nazia was the love of his life and they married despite her being diagnosed with cancer. I still love her, said Baig.

He denied Zohaib’s claim that they got divorced. I was her husband till her death, he said.

Baig claimed that Nazia’s family had a fake divorce certificate made. Nazia’s death certificate gives details of how she died and it mentions me as her husband, he said.

Nazia Hassan’s father asked for £1 million for child custody

Baig said that Nazia’s father came to him and asked him for £1 million. Her father said we will give you custody if you give us the money, he said.

Nazia established a trust in her name and made a lot of money.

Baig said that problems in their marriage started after she stopped performing after the wedding. It ended Zohaib’s career and that’s when our relations started deteriorating, he said.

Zohaib Hassan was an active MQM worker, Baig said. He became an advisor to then Sindh governor Dr Ishratul Ebad.

Baig said he bore all the expenses of Nazia’s treatment.

If Nazia had not insisted on having children then she might have been alive today and recovered from lung cancer, Baig said.


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