History repeats: Who’s going to fill Afghanistan’s seat at UN

No one has yet been nominated to fill the vacant seat at the 76th General Assembly session at the United Nations in New York next week.

UN credentials give additional weight to a government internationally.

During the previous Taliban rule between 1996 and 2001, only three countries – Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates – had recognized their government in Kabul.

During the period between 1992 and 2001, the government formed under Burhanuddin Rabbani retained the country’s UN seat and other embassies. Rabbani remained in exile between 1996 and 2001.

All Afghan embassies and missions to the UN are still flying Afghanistan’s national flag, not the Taliban’s white standard.

Diplomats find keeping Afghan missions operational difficult

Afghan diplomats abroad are finding it difficult to keep their missions functional and are also facing a dire shortage of necessary funds and resources.

The flow of money was cut off as soon as the Taliban assumed power in Kabul on August 15 this year.

Earlier this week, Afghanistan’s interim Foreign Minister Mullah Amir Khan had told reporters in Kabul that all Afghan diplomatic mission in foreign countries had been told to continue their operations without any interruption.

Several locally-employed embassy staff in Britain have already been laid off. The Afghan mission in the UK is working with just its ambassador and a few members of consular staff.

Embassy staff in the UK, Qatar and Greece said that their missions were facing difficulties in finding cash and other resources to keep missions functional.

An Afghan mission staff in Qatar said that they were running out of passport booklets and were unable to process applications they had received in this regard.

Many embassy officials, he said, had already abandoned their posts and sought aylum elsewhere, fearing persecution.

With the installation of an interim government, the Taliban are awaiting for international recognition without any success.

source https://www.samaa.tv/news/2021/09/history-repeats-whos-going-to-fill-afghanistans-seat-at-un/

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