How a toll receipt solved murder mystery liked to police

On July 17, the Steel Town police found a dead body near the M9 motorway – also known by its old name as the Superhighway – on the outskirts of Karachi.

The victim was a man – his hands and feet tied with rope.

A team of crime scene investigator and counter-terror experts arrived at the place.

The crime scene investigators collected the evidences while the counter-terror experts tried to ascertain if the dead man belonged to one of the terror outfits.

The police did not find anything on the dead body or at the crime scene to identify the corpse.

The criminals involved in the murder had removed and taken away everything from the dead body to prevent law enforcers from identifying the victim.

In the meanwhile, the police found a toll tax receipt in the bushes nearby. The receipt mentioned the date, time and the location of the toll collection point which had issued it.

There was nothing else.

This was a mystery murder where the only piece of evidence was a toll receipt – a situation that could not be more Sherlockian.

The investigation of the mystery murder was transferred to the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) of Karachi police.

The CTD sprang to action.

“A request was made to the FWO (Frontier Works Organization) to help in identifying the vehicle to which the receipt in question was issued,” CTD’s Transnational Terrorists Intelligence Group (TTIG) Chief Raja Umar Khattab told SAMAA Digital.

Khattab said the FWO shared details of the vehicle and on the basis of the information, they managed to trace the residence of the owner of the vehicle in Surjani Town.

The family living there identified the dead man as Fazal-ur-Rehman.

“The family told us that Fazal was taken away from his home on July 17 by some uniformed officers and others in plain clothes,” Khattab said.

The CTD obtained the CCTV footage of the area and analyzed it.

The analysis revealed that two four-wheel-drive vehicles and a police mobile (police truck) had arrived at the residence of Fazal and taken him away.

“The time of Fazal’s kidnapping and his postmortem report suggested that he was killed within five hours of the abduction,” Khattab said.

The CTD officer said the details of police mobile used in abduction of Fazal-ur-Rehman exposed that the vehicle was at the disposal of the PIB Colony Police Station.

SHO Haroon Korai who has been arrested in connection with the murder of Fazal. PHOTO CTD SINDH POLICE
SHO Haroon Korai who has been arrested in connection with the murder of Fazal. PHOTO CTD SINDH POLICE

“The CTD took into custody Station House Officer Haroon Korai, who during the interrogation, disclosed that Fazal was killed for being an informant for the Pakistan Customs,” Khattab said.

Fazal had assisted the Customs Intelligence in seizing a shipment of betel nuts worth Rs70 million in May 2021, according to Khattab.

“The seized contraband belonged to one Imran Masood and his partner Waheed Kakar,” the CTD officer said, adding that a third partner who introduced himself as Major Usman Shah had contacted SHO Haroon Korai to abduct and kill the informer.

Khattab said Korai obtained the Caller Detail Record (CDR) of Fazal and tracked down his location illegally. “Haroon Korai not only used the mobile of PIB Colony Police Station, but also used an official SMG to carry out the murder,” he added.

On September 23, the CTD arrested four people including SHO Haroon Korai, his gunman Akhtar Korai, a woman named Fouzia, who was said to be present at the crime scene, and Waheed Kakar.

The police also recovered the murder weapon, the official SMG.

Teams have been formed to arrest Usman and others accused in the murder.


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