Karachi to experience hot weather short of heatwave

Beginning Tuesday, Karachi is expected to experience a spell of hot weather that will last until September 17, the Met Department has said.

The weather forecast shows that the temperature will rise to 40 degrees Celsius with humidity levels approaching the red line. However, the temperature would stop short of causing a heatwave.

“Karachi weather is likely to remain hot/very hot during 14-17 Sep with maximum temperature 38-40 C,” the Met Department said in a release on Monday.

Its weather forecast suggests that the maximum temperature in Karachi would hit 38-40 degrees Celsius on Tuesday and register an increasing the following days.

The Met Department forecasts hot/very hot weather in Karachi
The Met Department forecasts hot/very hot weather in Karachi

Humidity levels, too, are expected to rise with evening humidity hovering at 50%, just at the borderline. Humidity levels between 30% and 50% are considered comfortable, above 50% as too high and below 30% as too low.

While low humidity also causes discomfort, high humidity may cause hyperthermia, or over-heating, as the human body fails to let out when humid weather prevents the sweat to evaporate.

The Met Department also predicted that rains were likely in Tharparker, Umerkot, Sanghar and Badin.

source https://www.samaa.tv/news/2021/09/karachi-to-experience-hot-weather-short-of-heatwave/

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