Man attempts suicide in court after wife files khula

If you went to the Lahore High Court on Thursday, you might have witnessed quite a spectacle.

A man was dangling from the balcony of one of the building’s corridors, and people were trying to lift him up.

But Abdul Rehman was adamant to jump and die.

The reason: his wife, Saba, wants separation and refuses to go home with him. According to him, all options for reconciliation have been exhausted.

The wife filed a khula suit in the court.

When he couldn’t persuade his wife to reconsider the suit, he felt out of options.

After the failed attempt to jump off the balcony, he also banged his head against the walls.

“I love my wife and kids dearly and can’t live without them,” he said, crying. 

“I have a young daughter and can’t stay away from her even for a minute. If I don’t get to live with her, I’ll commit suicide.”

But, his remonstrations, pleading and outpouring of emotions couldn’t make his wife budge.

She left without Rehman after the court proceedings.


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