Samaa interview lands Javed Lateef in hot water

PML-N served a show-cause notice on one of its lawmakers, Javed Lateef, whose statements about party rift on SAMAA TV created a stir in the Nawaz League.

The notice asked Javed Lateef to justify his violation of the party’s code of conduct.

The spokesperson for the Punjab government, Fayyazul Hassan Chauhan, said that PML-N had used Javed Lateef to mount simultaneous personal attacks on Shehbaz Sharif and Hamza Sharif. He was also used to criticize Maulana Fazlur Rehman of JUI-F.

Rana Sanaullah, meanwhile, said that Javed Lateef would have to answer for his indiscretion. “Nobody in PML-N is on any assignment. Such a person cannot remain in the party,” he said.

He said that Javed Lateef would have to respond to the show-cause notice.

What Javed Lateef said

Javed Lateef’s interview to SAMAA deepened the rift in the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) after Shehbaz Sharif called for serving an immediate show-cause notice to the loyalist lawmaker while Nawaz Sharif called for delaying the process, SAMAA’s Naeem Ashraf Butt says.

The interview, aired on September 14, was also said to be why both Shehbaz and Hamza Sharif were not attending key PML-N meetings.

In that interview, Javed Lateef had termed Shehbaz Sharif as the leader of the group within the PML-N that advocated rapproachment with the government.

Referring to statements issued by Khawaja Asif, Lateef had said that if such experienced politicians hurt the party’s narrative, it was not possible without an “assignment”. He did not elaborate.

When Lateef was asked what if Shehbaz Sharif went abroad, he responded by saying that Nawaz Sharif was coming back to serve his remaining jail term.

It is learnt that other lawmakers supporting the policy of rapproachement are also pressuring for serving a show-cause notice on Lateef.

from News – SAMAA

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