Senators, MNAs to get 10% pay raise

The summary for a 10% increase in the salaries of parliamentarians has been sent to the federal cabinet for approval, the ministry of parliamentary affairs said on Monday.

The cabinet will meet in Islamabad on Tuesday and the increase would be made in the ad hoc relief allowance.

The proposal also suggests raising the salaries of chairman, deputy chairman of the Senate and Speaker and deputy speaker of the National Assembly.

Earlier this year, some senators and MNAs had submitted a draft bill in the Senate secretariate demanding 100% raise for parliamentarians and a 400% hike for chairman, deputy chairman of the Senate and Speaker, Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly.

The federal cabinet, however, rejected the recommendation which had justified the excessive raise on the account of rising inflation and the rupee depreciation.

A 100% raise not so long ago

Although the PTI government rejected the demand for a 100 raise, the previous government granted a similar demand in 2016, approving 100% increase in the salaries of parliamentarians.

The basic salaries of MNAs and senators were increased from Rs44,630 to Rs150,000. The salary of a federal minister was increased to Rs200,000, and a minister of state to Rs180,000.


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