Some nations ready to recognize Taliban govt, claims spokesman

Zabihullah Mujahid, the spokesman of the Taliban government, has claimed that some countries would soon recognize the Taliban regime in Kabul as the legitimate Afghan government.

He said talks were under way with several nations.

Mujahid said the recognition was the right of Afghans and that officials from the Islamic Emirate Afghanistan had met with the representatives of many countries.

“Officials from many countries have visited Afghanistan and we have also visited them. We have also sent a letter to UN Secretary-General Anthony Guterres in this regard,” the spokesman said according to Afghanistan Pashto language websites.

Mujahid did not name the countries, but representatives from China, Russia, Qatar, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and other countries have been to Kabul to hold talks with the officials from the Taliban government.

The Taliban have assured many countries, in addition to its neighbours and regional states, that it wanted good relations with the international community based on mutual respect, says Nunn Takki Asia.

Mujahid said Afghanistan needed foreign aid, reconstruction and strong governance, and this required active diplomacy with the international community, the website said.

The Taliban spokesman said that the international community had also realized that in order to interact with Afghanistan, it has to have relations with the Islamic Emirate.

Taliban to support Kashmiris

Meanwhile, speaking to Pakistan Television (PTV) Zabihullah Mujahid said the Taliban have condemned the ongoing atrocities in occupied Kashmir.

Whether it is Kashmir, Palestine or Myanmar, aggression against Muslims is not acceptable anywhere, he said.

Mujahid said the Afghan government will launch political and diplomatic efforts to ensure rights for oppressed Muslims.

He said the Taliban wanted to depute Sohail Shaheen as Afghanistan’s permanent representative to the United Nations.


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