Wasim Akhtar sees PPP workers taking over KMC parks

The Sindh government is usurping resources of Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) to boost the PPP stranglehold in the city, former Karachi Mayor Wasim Akhtar said at a press conference at the Karachi Press Club on Friday.

Even graveyards, he said, had been seized from KMC control after the Sindh government set up the Markaz-e-Sukoon Authority.

“The latest plan is to take control of all parks from KMC by setting up another authority,” Akhtar said.

“The PPP is seizing functions and powers of KMC one by one. The Sindh government has been merging various KMC departments into different provincial ministries,” he maintained.

He said the PPP had been in control of Sindh for the past 13 years.

“All of KMC major revenue generation departments are now under the control of the PPP-led government,” he said.

Referring to the plan to set up a parks authority, Wasim Akhtar said that control of all parks would be taken away from KMC’s Parks and Horticulture Department.

“After taking control of parks in the city, the Sindh government will use them commercially and contracts will be awarded to ‘jiyalas’,” Akhtar insisted.

Former elected chairmen of DMC belonging to MQM-Pakistan also accompanied Wasim Akhtar at the press conference.

Commenting on the Sindh government plan of adding municipal utility charges tax in electricity bills, Akhtar said that the corporation was solely responsible for collecting the MUCT.

Criticising the Sindh government for moving to collect MUCT, he urged Karachi Administrator Murtaza Wahab to wrest back powers from the Sindh government to KMC.

“Wahab sahab you are close to Bilawal Bhutto and the Sindh chief minister, take back KMC powers and taxes.”

“You are running around for tax collection, you just need to get KMC powers back,” he advised Murtaza Wahab.

He pointed out that BTS/mobile tower tax, betterment charges, property tax and entertainment tax were previously being collected by KMC, but now these taxes were being collected by the Sindh government.

“Why are these taxes not being returned to KMC?” Akhtar asked.

He claimed that heads of all civic departments, who did not want to work with him (Wasim Akhtar), were now with Murtaza Wahab.

Akhtar said that setting up food streets and lane markings were not real issues of Karachi, adding fixing water and sewerage infrastructure, improving services of government hospitals and education institutes were real problems faced by the people in Karachi.

Accusing the PPP government of some rural areas in Karachi Keamari district, he said that the government had already accorded cabinet approval for this.

The PPP, he said, wanted to appoint its mayor in Karachi in the next local bodies elections.

Bureaucrats with a particular mindset were being appointed in Karachi, who were not even aware of the city dynamics, Wasim Akhtar said.       

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