Buledi: Dissident BAP lawmakers will not cower in fear

Members of the opposition and dissident BAP lawmakers will not cower in fear before Jam Kamal, former provincial finance minister Zahoor Buledi said on Friday.

Addressing a joint press conference along with other members of opposition, he said that democratic values were being trampled in Balochistan and the province was becoming a subject of ridicule.

“Jam Kamal has said on the floor of the assembly that even if he gets two votes he won’t resign,” Buledi told media persons in Quetta.

He said that even in such a crisis, he was not leaving his post, Buledi said, adding that members of the assembly were being intimidated and an FIR had been filed in this regard too. He said that some lawmakers were humiliated by naming members of their households as abettors in phone snatching cases. “Such tactics will not deter us from casting our votes in favour of the no-confidence motion against Jam Kamal,” he said.

Accusing Jam Kamal of abusing powers, he said that police and other law-enforcement agencies were being used for political gains and he and his colleagues would remove Jam Kamal from his post using legal and constitutional means.

“Why no action is being taken against people who misappropriated funds in the health and fisheries departments?” Buledi wondered.

“Jam Kamal must fulfill his professional obligations, instead of resorting to settling personal feuds,” Buledi said.

He said that Balochistan lawmaker Syed Ahsaan Shah was being held against his will.

Buledi and his colleagues threatened to “jam all of Balochistan” if Jam Kamal did not change his attitude.

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