COAS witnesses induction of VT-4 tank into strike formations

Chief of Army Staff or COAS General Qamar Javed Bajwa visited Gujranwala to witness commissioning of state-of-the-art Chinese origin VT-4 main battle tank into strike formation.

While interacting with officers and soldiers, the COAS said that continuous upgradation of conventional capabilities was imperative for maintaining qualitative edge over adversaries and also to deter aggression, said an Inter Services Public Relations or ISPR media release.

“VT-4 Tank is another symbol of Pakistan–China strategic cooperation and defence collaboration, and its induction will boost strike capabilities of our formations,” the COAS said.

The army chief emphasised that the fast changing dynamics of warfare demanded highest degree of professionalism and rigorous training with focus on harnessing sophisticated technologies.

The COAS witnessed demonstration of VT-4 tank which was a robust war fighting machine. Based on its advanced armor protection, high maneuverability and exceptional firepower, VT-4 can be compared with any modern main battle tank of the world.

Equipped with auto transmission system and deep water fording operation capability, it was considered as a potent weapon of strike formations. The COAS also visited Dynamic Integrated Training Simulator of VT-4.

In early June this year, the army inducted the first batch of VT-4 tanks and said the tanks would be employed in an offensive role after induction. Its field tests were completed in September last year.

VT-4 is a new generation main battle tank independently designed and produced by China. Its firepower, maneuverability, and armor protection are among the world’s best. VT-4 is equipped with a 125-millimeter main gun turret, a coaxial machine gun and an anti-aircraft machine gun. The tank has dual-layer protection, consisting composite armor and FY-4 explosive reactive armor.

It is among the leading export products of the China North Industries Corporation or Norinco. Thailand, Pakistan, and Nigeria have purchased several batches of the VT-4 tanks since 2016.


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