Maryam says Imran knows he is on way out

Imran Khan’s foreign policy is without a compass and his domestic security policy is so irrational that people are being looted in broad daylight and women being gang-raped, Maryam Nawaz told participants of a social media convention on Sunday in Havelian.

She maintained that whenever a child suffers pangs of hunger and every time someone’s child dies because he or she cannot afford expensive medicines, Imran Khan is remembered.

Maryam Nawaz addressed the event via a video link.

She said that the sanctity of vote was being trampled for the past 74 years and people should now take to streets not for Nawaz Sharif, but to safeguard the country.

Maryam Nawaz said that Imran had now realized that he was on his way out because he “must have seen the writing on the wall”. He would be the first person to abandon ship once he realized that it was sinking,

She said that people had implored her to get rid of Imran Khan-led government.

When Nawaz Sharif complained, his rivals ridiculed him but now people had realized what he really meant.

“Someone else runs the kitchen in the Banigala household and his vehicles run on official fuel,” she said.

Imran Khan, she said, was only focused on saving his government.

“No one in the world is picking up phones because no one cares,” she said.

Imran Khan, she said, afflicted the diseases suffered by the country for the past 74 years.

She pointed out that when Nawaz Sharif was in power, terrorists carried out suicide attacks almost on a daily basis while the country had a rampant shortage of power. “Both the scourges were eliminated by Nawaz Sharif within three years,” she said.

Nawaz Sharif, she said, was instrumental in installing a large number of power plants. “Ordinarily, so many plants cannot be installed in a decade,” she said.

Refering to the Hazara Motorway, Maryam Nawaz said that people “must remember him when they travel on that road.”

Ridiculing the BRT project, she said that its original cost of Rs20 billion had now shot through the roof to Rs156 billion. She said that roads in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa looked as devastated as the roads in Afghanistan.

She reminded the audience that four children had recently died in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa because oxygen was not available at hospital.

Javed Latif

Addressing the convention Javed Latif, a prominent leader of PML-N, said that striking a conciliatory note with those in power now would amount to betraying the country.

According to him, everyone was duty bound to bring down prices and if people wanted to live with honor, they should all work for the supremacy of the Constitution and overcome all obstacles in this regard.

“A major deicision is expected in December,” he said without elaborating.

Javed Latif also said that all federating units should be on the same page for the sake of progress and properity.

According to him, no one now differed from the Nawaz Sharif narrative.


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