Taliban hold talks with US, warn against intrigue

The Taliban warned the United States not to “destabilise” the regime during their first face-to-face talks since the US withdrawal, its foreign minister Amir Khan Muttaqi said on Saturday.

However, representatives from the two countries also discussed “opening a new page” in the relationship between Washington and the new Kabul regime.

Amir Khan Muttaqi headed the Taliban delegation to Doha, where the US and the Taliban began two days talks on Saturday.

The US team is led by the State Department’s Deputy Special Representative Tom West and top USAID humanitarian official Sarah Charles.

The Taliban delegation in Doha will also meet representatives from the European Union, Aljazeera reported.

Warning against intrigue

“We clearly told them that trying to destabilise the government in Afghanistan is good for no one,” Muttaqi told the Afghan state news agency Bakhtar after talks in Doha.

“Good relations with Afghanistan are good for everyone. Nothing should be done to weaken the existing government in Afghanistan which can lead to problems for the people,” he said, in a recorded statement translated by AFP.

No immediate comment was available from the US side.

Humantarian aid and anti-terror efforts

The Taliban say the two days talks would focus on humanitarian aid and the US-Taliban Doha agreement, which would be revisted.

The US officials have pressed for cooperation against terror groups such as Al Qaeda and ISIS-Khorasan.

However, the Taliban ruled out cooperation with the US to contain extremist groups in Afghanistan, the US media outlets have reported.

“We are able to tackle Daesh independently,” Taliban Qatar office spokesman Sohail Shaheen told the Associated Press.

Aljazeera said senior officials from the Taliban and the US also discussed opening a new page in their countries’ relationship.

Earlier, the US State Department had said that the talks were not about recognising or legitimising the Taliban government, but were a continuation of pragmatic talks on issues of national interest for the US.

The Taliban regained power in August as the United States ended its 20-year occupation with a withdrawal that included a chaotic airlift of foreign residents and Afghans.

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