Wanna get rid of annoying followers without blocking them?

Twitter can be all fun and games until you come across those few followers who can be absolutely infuriating. To make your scroll time better, the social media application announced Monday that all users will have a new level of control when it comes to managing their followers.

Users can now get rid of unwanted followers by going to their profile, clicking “followers,” then clicking the three-dot icon and selecting “remove this follower.”

The new feature has been called “soft block” because the follower you have removed wont be notified of the action.

The users will be allowed to see your tweets and message you, but they won’t be able to see your tweets on your profile. When you remove a follower, they will have a chance to follow you again if they want to.

Previously, a blocked person on Twitter would see that they had been barred from seeing someone’s tweets and interacting with them, creating foul feelings or retaliation.

Last month, Bloomberg reported that the social media app has been working on new privacy and security tools.

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