Carnivorous Animals

All living things need nutrition or food to survive, including animals. There are 3 groups of animals that are categorized based on the type of food they eat, namely: Omnivores , Herbivores , and Carnivores. The following discussion is about meat-eating animals commonly referred to as Carnivores.

Definition of Carnivorous Animals

Carnivorous animals are included in the category of wild animals, because the type of food for carnivores is meat. There are 2 meanings of the word carnivore, namely Cao which means meat, and Vorare means food.

This type of animal has the ability to hunt, and is good at preying on its food targets. This happens because this group of animals runs fast and is good at lurking. These skills possessed by carnivorous group animals are considered wild animals.

There are some animals that fall into the type of carnivore but are not considered wild animals, such as cats.

Characteristics of Carnivorous Animals

There are 3 types of animals that are categorized and grouped based on their food, namely Carnivores, Herbivores, and Omnivores. These animal groups certainly have different types of animals with different characteristics.

The characteristics of animals that fall into the category of carnivores, namely:

  • Sharp eyes. Sharp eyes can be used for hunting both during the day and at night.
  • Strong teeth. This type of animal has strong and sharp canine teeth that are used to tear meat.
  • Sharp nails or claws.
  • Spine. There is a backbone in the body of the carnivorous group of animals.
  • Sensitive sense of hearing, making it easy to find prey and predict the situation.
  • mammary glands (including mammals ). Usually meat-eating animals have mammary glands.
  • Run fast. The ability to run fast is used to attack and immobilize prey quickly.
  • Sharp beak. The sharp beak is only owned by the bird members of the meat-eating animal group.
  • Carnivorous animals have poison or their bodies that can weaken prey.
  • Habitat in the forest, because these meat eaters are no exception to humans, this type of animal usually lives in the forest.


In the characteristics above, meat-eating animals usually live on land, but there are some animals that can live in the air or in water. In general, the more prey on land, the possibility of carnivorous animals living on land will get more prey or food.

Habitat for animals in carnivorous or meat-eating groups usually live in savanna and dense forests.

Types of Meat-eating Animals

Meat-eating animals can also be in the environment around the place of residence in everyday life. The types of animals that are included in the meat-eating group will be explained in the following animal examples.

Examples of Carnivorous Animals

  1. Lion

The lion is a type of meat-eating animal originating from the mammalian species. Lions usually live in groups with one male and many female species. The female type is more active in hunting, while the male lion is more relaxed and waits for the results of the lioness’s prey.

The lion is known as the king of the jungle, and one of the most ferocious meat-eating mammals. The prey they hunt are mammals ranging from small ones like birds to mammals that weigh around 500 kg. Reptiles and insects also become daily food that is easily preyed upon.

  1. Tiger

The tiger is one of the big cats in the mammal group. The body shape is larger, and the speed is better than other types of cats such as the king of the jungle, leopard, and others.

Its speed can make it easier to hunt prey with agile. They tend to hunt for types of animals that have large body sizes such as cows, deer, buffalo, and zebras. The characteristics possessed by these mammals are having a backbone, and the type of animal that is warm-blooded.

  1. Crocodile

Crocodiles are a type of meat-eating animal that is known to be wild and live in water. Crocodiles belong to the reptile group, and have a backbone, and have Ovoviviparous breeding characteristics.

Its main habitat is in water, and can be found in fresh water, lakes or brackish waters, and also in swamps. Crocodiles usually eat reptiles, but sometimes mammals, mollusks, and even humans can also become prey.

  1. Dog

Dogs are animals in the members of meat-eating mammals. The distribution is very wide and very well developed, resulting in a variety of species.

These animals are usually easy to find in everyday life, because they are used as pets. Although it is included as a meat-eating animal, but because of its good fur, this animal is a pet. Dogs can also act as guards, because they are intelligent and can be trained well.

  1. Komodo dragon

Komodo is the largest lizard species in the world with a length of 2 to 3 meters. Its original habitat is in the islands of Flores, Indonesia. Komodo dragons have the characteristics of Ovoviviparous breeding, and are predators of mammals and reptiles, as well as other types.

  1. Cat

A beautiful small body covered with soft fur is unique for humans who make cats as pets. Although some people keep cats as pets, for some people who are allergic or don’t like being close to these small meat-eating mammals.

  1. Owl

Owls are members of the flesh-eating birds of prey, and are nocturnal or nocturnal animals . Owls usually eat insects, mice, and frogs, as well as several other animals.

Owls have their own uniqueness, namely large eyes with the ability to turn their heads up to a point 180 degrees backwards.

  1. Hawk

The eagle is a type of meat-eating bird. The eagle’s diet consists of chickens, mice, and squirrels, and several species of insects are also prey for this bird, but the main diet is mammals.

  1. Shark

Shark is a type of fish that has a complete body frame and a slender body shape. The hallmark of this fish is to breathe using 5 gills and even up to 7 gills. Another characteristic is that the body is covered with demal denticle skin which is used to protect the body from damage, and also adds water dynamics to the body.

  1. Wolf

The wolf has a scientific name, Canis Lupus . The wolf is a meat-eating species of mammal and belongs to the dog group. However, dogs are more docile and can live in an environment around humans, while wolves have fierce hunting instincts, and are difficult or even impossible to tame as pets.

That’s the explanation that is summarized in terms of meaning, characteristics, to examples of meat-eating animals commonly called carnivores. In addition to the 10 examples above, there are also several other examples of animals such as: leopard, weasel, spotted eagle, cheetah, sun bear, clouded leopard, snake, stork, and the type of bird, namely pelicans.